Pender Community Gathering! Saturday July 26

Pender Community Gathering

Celebrate and protect our coast with the Turning the Tide paddlers on their journey through the Salish Sea!


Saturday July 26
Port Browning Marina

View Map


Workshops: 9am-Noon, on First Nations fishery, civil disobedience

Lunch & Music: Noon, bring a picnic or eat at the marina

Workshops: 2-4pm, Oil tanker traffic in the Salish Sea

Salmon BBQ: 5pm, email for tickets ($10)

Music: 6pm, featering Lester Quitzau, Blackbird & friends





Do you care about protecting our coastal community from the threat of tankers and spills? Looking to learn more about how to speak up and act? Or just looking for a fun afternoon of solidarity and learning? Then come join us for a full-day outdoor community gathering at Port Browning Marina on Pender Island, featuring educational workshops and solidarity building events!

When: Saturday, July 26th, 2014 – 9am-9pm
Where: Port Browning Marina, Pender Island, view Map
Cost: FREE
Registration: None, but space is limited

9am-10am – Welcome (Ron Henshaw and Dave Howe) and Workshop: “Traditional practice of Reef net fishing explained” – with Adam Olsen, member of Tsartlip First Nation
The WSANEC Nations are reviving their traditional Reef Net Fishery in the Summer of 2014, harnessing cultural knowledge to develop a fishery in the Salish Sea in a sustainable manner. Learn more about the role of the reef net fishery in WSANEC culture and steps being taken this summer  during the workshop.

10am-12 Noon – Workshop: “Exploring Non-Violent Civil Disobedience” – with Shane Calder (BSW), community organizer
This workshop will provides a brief glimpse into some of the critical ideas underpinning non-violent civil disobedience.   Whether you adhere to NVCD as a lifestyle choice or as an occasional tactic we will explore together our boundaries with violence, how to approach the use of NVCD within a movement, some simple tactics to use in an action setting, and some of the things you must consider when engaging in mass civil disobedience.

12 Noon – 2pm – Lunch, Paddle & Music
Come out, bring a picnic or dine in the marina restaurant, join us in your watercraft (if you’ve got one!), and enjoy the sunshine with us! There will be activities for the kids, live music, a fun beach paddle, and info available on how you can help protect our beautiful coastal communities.

2-3pm – Workshop: “Community Resistance – How Pender Island has what it takes to combat climate change on the Salish Sea” – with Eoin Madden, Climate Change Campaigner with the Wilderness Committee
This interactive, discussion-based workshop will be about building community resistance to the idea of turning the Salish Sea into a channel for the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels: US Thermal Coal and Tarsands Oil!
What sparks a community to organize itself and get busy in the fight against climate change is leadership from one person, or a few people. There actually isn’t anything in particular folks need to be leaders: simply telling the story of themselves, of who we are, and of the urgency of taking action right now, is often enough. The “Saving the Salish Sea” campaign is one such movement here on the west-coast, and will be used to help outline some of the skills required to set the stage for a successful campaign.

3-4pm – Workshop: “The Drift Card Study: Implications for Potential Tanker Spills in Burrard Inlet” – with Andy Rosenberger (B.Sc. Marine Biology (Honours), University of Guelph), Biologist with the Wild Salmon Program of Raincoast Conservation Foundation
The Raincoast Conservation Foundation – in collaboration with the Georgia Strait Alliance and Friends of the San Juans – dropped more than 2,500 “drift cards”  – four-by-six-inch pieces of bright, yellow plywood, each with a unique serial number – along the oil tanker route that runs from Burrard Inlet, through the Gulf and San Juan islands, and into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. A message on each card says, “This could be oil,” and asks anyone who discovers it to contact the groups and plot the card on an interactive map. From there, researchers can make inferences on oil spill trajectories based on the card’s start and end points, and the time it took to travel. The results are illuminating – drift cards have been retrieved from as far away as the beaches on Haida Gwaii. Learn more at

5-6pm – Salmon BBQ – email for tickets ($10/each)

6-9pm – Local Gathering with Live Music
Opening remarks by Mae Moore, poetry by Jeremy Loveday, and musical sets by Blackbird, Caught in Amber and Lester & Friends!


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